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Tips When Using Solar Roof Tiles

Since solar energy was first created, engineers and scientists have been perfecting the way it works as well as the way it looks. Today homeowners are using solar panels to power their entire house rather than using traditional methods of electricity to do so. In many homes, you can visually see that they are using solar panels just by looking at the top of the homeowner’s rooftops.

For the homeowners that like the idea of solar energy but would rather have a more clean-looking version, they now have the option of using what is called solar roof tiles. The roof tiles come in several different shapes and sizes, allowing you to match them up with the look of your existing roof. More homeowners are loving these new clean looks not just for them, but to also win over the votes of their homeowners association.

How these solar tiles work is that they come with a thin layer of photovoltaic material built into the tile or shingle. Once you start properly installing these solar roof tiles into place, they will begin to convert the Sun’s natural sunlight into clean, powerful energy for your home to run off of. This will allow your home to be powered free from the traditional grid and create enough energy for you to not notice except in your wallet. Any amount of energy that these roof tiles create will be stored in the grid so you can have energy already created to use when the sun is covered on cloudy days.

Here are some key points that you should be aware of when it comes to choosing solar energy roof tiles.


If you are looking for a clean look for your home when it comes to using solar power, then these are a great choice for you. They will keep and hold the integrity of your home without giving it an eyesore that possibly you or the homeowners association will like. Now I don’t want you to think that solar shingles are 100% invisible, but are less likely to be noticed than a huge solar panel on top of your home.


Solar roof tiles more than likely will cost you much more than a traditional solar panel that you install on top of your home. The main reason why these roof tiles are so much more is that you have to incorporate them into the rooftop of your home, which can run up the cost of installing.


One of the great things about going solar is the low maintenance that is required once installed. With Solar shingles, you can expect to get about 20-30 years’ worth of use from them before you will need to update or replace them. This is pretty average compared to other sources of solar equipment.


If you decide to go with one of the solar shingles or panels that are made with a thin film, you may want to know that they don’t produce as much energy as a traditional solar panel would. This does not mean that you can not power your entire house using this method, as these panels can be placed in areas that panels can not be placed as well as cover your entire rooftop area. Also, it is very important that before you install any type of solar device onto your home, you have your house evaluated by a solar professional. You want to make sure that there is not anything that will be blocking the sun from hitting any solar panels as this will make it very difficult to create any kind of energy from the sunlight.

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Written by: Dean Williams

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