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Solar Power Can Save You Money

Solar Energy was one of the earliest renewable energies, and the sight of solar panels is an increasingly common sight on properties in the UK.

The installation of solar panels is really designed to save money over the long term, by cutting down on energy costs by not requiring so much electricity from an energy provider. Solar panels are also something that won’t need to be frequently replaced, and they are low maintenance. In terms of cost, a whole roof doesn’t need to be covered with innovative panels initially, which is helpful for homeowners and businesses who have limited funds available.

Feed-in tariffs were something that was introduced in 2010 to encourage people to install renewable energy, and there were rewards offered for doing so. Though the tariffs have since been cut because of so much demand, installation costs have come down by half, which makes renewable energy financially possible for more of the population. Those who have solar power installed, for instance, and who are still eligible for a feed-in tariff, could save several hundred pounds a year.

Schools have particularly benefited by having modern panels installed. Firstly, the money saved can be used to invest in improving school and education facilities. Secondly, this environmentally friendly approach has also rubbed off on pupils who have become more aware of other ways of conserving energy and of helping the environment.

Biomass heating is also environmentally friendly – in terms of the fuel, it needs to function. The fuel comes from waste and residue, typically from industry, agriculture, and forests, and is, consequently, not as harmful to the environment as fossil fuels. There are also several different types of biomass heating systems, which can be used in a variety of buildings. The types of heating systems include both fully automated and semi-automated, pellet-fired, and combined heat and power, which rely on wood waste for fuel.

There are simple ways of reducing energy usage in the home or in an office. Using energy-efficient light bulbs in every room can result in a surprising amount of savings on energy costs in a year while turning down the heating when there’s an unexpected rise in temperature will do likewise. Using only as much hot water as you need will also cut down on energy usage and help the environment in the process.

Apart from solar power and biomass heating, a variety of renewable energies are likely to thrive in the coming decades. With wind energy.

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Written by: Keith Barrett

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