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How Efficient Are Solar Panels: A Closer Look At Solar Energy

Global warming has affected people’s lives negatively. And this is probably the biggest reason why green products and idealisms are now widely supported in America. But it shouldn’t take a series of hurricanes and frightful snowstorms to make a person more drawn to the use of renewable energy. A solar panel has more advantages on them other than diminishing carbon emissions. And I’m sure you are reading this wondering how efficient are solar panels really, in terms of converting and sustaining electricity.

According to experts, normal models transform about 15%. Well-designed, intricately manufactured, and expensive solar panels operate at about 40% to 80% efficiency. This means forty to eighty percent of the sunlight it catches is converted and distributed as electricity. It is quite impressive considering that the world’s foremost method of energy creation – coal – does not reach anywhere over 40%. Wind energy competes well with the alternatives at around 40% efficiency. But it is disadvantaged when it comes to sustainability. With this in mind, it cannot be relied upon to provide a consistent stream of power, unlike that of its contemporaries. The strongest yet to match solar power is that of nuclear energy with 95% efficiency. But of the thirty countries that have nuclear power plants, only France has the expertise and experience to harness it as a primary source of electricity. Obviously, it can’t be done. But beyond that, it is not advisable to rely on nuclear energy given the risks involved.

How efficient are solar panels are limited by other factors as well? One has to look at what appliances are going to be powered as well as where the solar panels will be located to justify whether its performance is at par. For instance, it is known that solar power is not as proficient in supporting items that provide heat like electric stoves since they demand a lot of power. So what you must do is replace energy inefficient appliances in favor of gas-run versions if you wish to maximize your solar panel system. Air conditioners are also known to be power pits. Hence, you cannot expect solar energy to fully maintain it. The location also has a big influence on how much sun rays are actually collected by the solar panels for conversion. The south roof is the most ideal placement for them. And there shouldn’t be any shade covering them. Of course, your geographic positioning also has a huge impact on the efficiency of a solar panel since there is more heat to collect in countries near the equator than in Alaska or Greenland.

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Written by: Cedric Loiselle

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